How We Are Helping Others

Dear Charlie & Donny,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you both for taking on my case. I know it wasn’t an easy one but your willingness is greatly appreciated. When this whole issue started I did not know what to do. Taking on a big company seemed like the last thing I should do.

But for some reason I couldn’t just let it go. Maybe I felt it was a mistake I needed to fix, I don’t know. It would be an uphill battle but you gave me hope that I could fiix my mitake somehow. I was a little fish in a big pond but I had to try and stand up for my property, my parents, and my grandparents.

To say this has been a learning experience is an understatement.

I am disappointed in myself for not doing more but the mental strain on me was getting to be too much. I’ve always had to be a strong person but this was just taking too long to come to a resoluition.

I hope you are not disappointed in me as a client. I know you wanted to take this further to possibly have a better outcome for both of us, but something just told me it was time to stop.

Thank you both again for being so kind, patient and understanding while I went through this process.

Thank you Charlie and Donnie for helping me through a tough time and aiding a new beginning to my life.