There are many different practices, or areas, that fall under the category of Personal Injury Law.

Take a look at the following examples to see if you or anyone you know has suffered an injury from another party.

You could be entitled to compensation.

1.) Personal Injury: Damages that directly affect you but were caused by someone else.

In this practice, lawyers directly pursue compensation for the damages caused to others.

These injuries are the direct result of physical or psychological abuse/action or negligent behavior (failure to properly pay attention to/care for).

The compensation sought after can range from any financial burden (medical bills or missed work) to emotional burdens sustained (psychological damage).

Also, punitive damages are pursued. These damages seek to further punish individuals who broke the law with their actions.

2.) Vehicle Wrecks: Injuries sustained due to motor vehicle collisions.

As one of the most prominent causes of injuries and deaths, car wrecks are a major focus in personal injury law.

In this area, lawyers seek compensation for injuries and deaths caused by negligent or unlawful driving.

Careless drivers are just as liable to cause a wreck as drunk drivers or people texting, so it’s important to speak to a lawyer when you’ve been in any wreck.

3.) Product Liability: Injuries caused by products.

Consumers have the right to seek compensation for damages caused by poor products.

Some examples are negligent manufacturing, product defects, poor/absent warning signs, and unreasonably dangerous product conditions.

Lawyers are able to seek payment through suing the company that made the damaging products.

4.) Brain and Spine Injury: Injury caused to the central nervous system by another individual/group or their property.

These types of injuries are different from most because of their intensity.

Even after physical recovery, often times there are many lingering effects from damages to the central nervous system.

Functional and mobility disabilities will develop from these types of injuries and could leave the affected party in financial crisis.

It is crucial to seek compensation for these damages.

5.) Work-Related Injury: Injuries caused by poor working conditions.

A hostile or dangerous work environment can cause injury that entitles employees to compensation for the damages.

Also, jobs that require repetitive damaging movements are at risk to cause injuries too.

In seeking payment for these damages, lawyers focus on the medical bills and incurred costs of not working anymore, as well as the damages caused by hostile working environments.

6.) Wrongful Death: Any negligent injuries that result in death.

Deaths caused by other parties’ negligent actions, or purposeful intent, are liable for legal actions.

Losing loved ones is an emotional and financially stressful time.

You can seek compensation from the responsible parties for these deaths.

7.) Medicine and Medical Devices: Any medical treatment or device that results in injury/death.

While seeking medical attention, individuals often, unfortunately, suffer from adverse and potentially avoidable side effects.

Sometimes full disclosure of medical treatments is not provided or side effects of drugs aren’t fully known before administration.

It is important to pursue legal action if you or a loved one has been negatively affected by medical treatment or drugs in the past.


Have you or a loved one experienced one or multiple of these situations? You may be entitled to compensation!