People all over are buzzing about the most recent recall that Mercedes Benz issued.

Mercedes Benz issued a letter to all Mercedes Benz owners informing them about a recall, also known as Takata recall, on all Mercedes Benz airbag inflators.

Around 841,000 Mercedes Benz drivers are currently being affected by this recall and are waiting for Mercedes Benz to fix the situation.

According to Mercedes Benz, drivers will receive a free replacement, but the replacements are taking longer than expected.

Mercedes Benz is now going through a process to work through the “priority groups” that they have established.

These priority groups are based on different information such as model, model year, location, etc.

If you are interested in seeing when a free installment will be available for you, click here!

While Mercedes Benz is doing everything in their power to get the free replacements, and to service each driver’s car, drivers are still at risk.

The current airbags are deploying with too much pressure and are releasing sharp metal particles that can cut and cause abrasions on the skin of those in the vehicle.

The explosion of these airbags has caused serious injuries and even death.

If this has happened to you, or someone you know, you can take immediate action.

You may have a lawsuit on your hands.

If this has not happened to you, but it does before March 31, 2018, when Mercedes starts rolling out their free installments, you may have a case.

Even though Mercedes Benz has issued a recall, the delay on free installments will still fall on their shoulders.

Which means they will still be liable for your injuries.

If you or a loved one has experienced injury or death due to an airbag in a Mercedes Benz injury, please seek out a Personal Injury Lawyer to see if you have a case.